Tuesday, November 15, 2016


As wedding videographers you know the wedding season is somewhat limited so of course you want to book as many weddings as possible. The more weddings you book, the more your name gets our there and the more your business grows. There are exceptions however. I'm sure you've come across certain brides and/or their family that you just don't feel good about. We recently booked a wedding for Memorial Day Weekend. We did it through the mail so of course we sent our contract, including our addendum requesting that we be included in the dinner plans, whatever they may be. (Sadly,it has become necessary to specify that we need to eat during the long day). Not only is this the right thing to do, but in my case since I am diabetic, it is a must. When we got the contract back from the mother for this particular wedding, she included a note that basically said we had a lot of nerve to ask for dinner... it was very unprofessional. She indicated that she was sure we would bring snacks and providing dinner was a ridiculous expectation. Well, that was a first. We promptly sent her deposit check and a copy of the cancelled contract back to her. There have been other brides and their families that we can just tell from the first meeting that they will be more trouble than it's worth, no matter how much money is involved. That's one of the perks of being your own boss. Sometimes you have to stand on your gut feeling and know that another opportunity will come through. Not everyone is meant to be a good match and since it's such an important and often stressful day, choose carefully. Sometimes it's not about the paycheck! J&J Video Productions-Cleveland Ohio,440-845-2122, wedding videos-Cleveland Ohio, wedding videos-Cuyahoga County Ohio, wedding videos-Parma Ohio

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Hello Friends, Today I am going to talk about Wedding Toasts. I do not know how many weddings you have been to but I have been to a million of them, well not exactly a million but enough to see trends. One of the trends I see is that whoever offers the toast to the bride and groom REALLY NEEDS TO SHORTEN the toast. This is typical of the type of toasts I have heard with some, well a lot of exaggeration to make my point. Here we go... Hi, for those who do not know me my name is Josh. I have been friends with the groom all our lives. We met in the hospital nursery. He was in the bassinet next to me. We were born about an hour apart. We hit it off instantly. He needed to be fed so I joined in screaming and crying like he did so I could get fed to. The nursing staff never caught on. Our Moms became friends as well and we lived just down the street from each other so it was inevitable we remained friends all these years. An hour later, while most of the guests are sleeping the phrase comes out and make some babies as well. Everyone starts laughing and wakes up. Lets keep the toasts to about 5 minutes, fill it with a few embarrassing facts and welcome the bride to the family. Ladies do the same. Most people wont remember the long version anyway. 440-845-2122, J&J Video Productions-Cleveland Ohio, wedding videos-Cleveland Ohio, wedding videos-Cuyahoga County Ohio, wedding videos-Parma Ohio

Friday, June 24, 2016


Ok, I'll answer that. It seems to me that DSLR which stands for digital single lens reflex, means nothing to you as the consumer but is significant to the professional. DSLR cameras come in the form of a regular professional camera body. An average person could not tell the difference if a camera is a DSLR or just a regular camera by looking at it. The difference between the DSLR and SLR or single lens reflex is that the DSLR can shoot High Definition video and the regular SLR camera cannot. One takes pictures only and the one one takes videos and pictures. There are companies out there that use nothing but DSLR to shoot video and of course there are companies that shoot video in Hi-def. The problem with the DSLR is that it is very, very expensive to rig up. I've seen these cameras go for $15,000.00 and over. Does it shoot a good video? Sure, it better for that price. The real problem is that according to more than a few sources DSLR video is extremely unreliable. Overheating and camera shut downs are common. That's the last thing you need when you're about to say your " I do's ". We have DSLR cameras. We use them only for photography, never for video. What about 4K? 4K means 4000 pixels.Obviously the idea here is to get higher resolution. 4K will be a true advancement in video. If you remember when Hi-def first came out everyone went out and bought HD tvs. The problem was there were only a handful of channels that broadcast in Hi-def.Therefor, most of the people who bought these televisions were watching their favorite programs in non-digital format. The same thing is happening right now with 4K. 4K tvs are flying off the shelves of retailers and people are finding the same problem as with Hi-def when it first came out. In order for 4K video to get the best resolution, a few things have to happen. First, the cable companies will have to upgrade their services which will mean an increase in your bill. Second, you will have to get a DVR that is capable of handling 4K. Blue-ray recorders are quickly falling off the map. The third thing you need if you're shooting a wedding video, the cameras being used must be 4K. If any one of these pieces are missing, your video or tv program will look just like it does now in Hi-def. So J&J video's position on this is to wait until all the pieces of this puzzle are put together. You will find the cost of the tv's and cameras will drop dramatically. 440-845-2122, J&J Video Productions-Cleveland Ohio, wedding videos-Cleveland Ohio, wedding videos-Cuyahoga County Ohio, wedding videos-Parma Ohio,

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Every day while going on the internet, I see more and more wedding video production companies claiming that they are filming weddings. Nobody, I said nobody does wedding videos in film. Everything is done and recorded in digital on video cards, not 8, not super 8, not 35, or 70 mm films are ever used to shoot wedding videos in this day and age. The ones that claim they do are lying just to jack up their price because it sounds more professional. For the sake of argument,lets say that somebody decided to really shoot a wedding video in 70mm film. It would probably cost 250,000.00 just to film the wedding. The other thing that these sleazy video production operators claim is that they are cinematographers. I think the ASC (American Society of Cinematographers) would have something to say to these wannabes and thieves. If you have any questions for the Cleveland area, contact the Cleveland Film Commission. They run the Cleveland Film Festival and they would certainly know if any Cleveland wedding videographers are shooting in film. Trust me, they're not. Brides and grooms are constantly being ripped off by these fraudulent wedding video production companies that are claiming to shoot film. It's high time that someone speaks out about this nonsense. A professional wedding video company should charge between $700 and $1200 for a full day wedding and reception video. Make sure you see some of their work. I would also be leary of anyone who charges under $500 to shoot a wedding video. You would be better off getting a cheap video camera from Best Buy and having a friend or family member shoot your video. If you have any questions, please call J&J Video Productions at 440-845-2122. Even if you do not book with us I would be glad to answer your questions. 440-845-2122, J&J Video Productions-Cleveland Ohio, wedding videos-Cuyahoga County Ohio, wedding videos-Parma Ohio, wedding videos-Cleveland Ohio,

Saturday, January 30, 2016


I remember a day when you had to book reception halls 3 years in advance or you would not get the wedding date you wanted. Since the 1980's wedding video production companies have made their way on to the wedding scene. In the 1980's wedding videos were considered fluff. Last minute bookings were common and usually wedding video production companies were always available. That was then and this is NOW! The top rated wedding video production companies are booking 2-3 years in advance much like the reception halls did in the 1980's and still do today. My advice to you is that YOU DO WANT A WEDDING VIDEO (people swear by them) so do not mess around , book your date ASAP especially the May, June, July , August and September dates. These dates are premium dates. The last thing you need to do is WAIT. You wait with us , the date will be gone in a matter of a week. So instead of Paying $700.00 for the full boat, you will now have to pony up a minimum of $500.00 more to get the same quality wedding video we offer. Whomever you use don't play games in hoping that you will get a better deal elsewhere. You will not win that one because for every date available there are at least 4 couples that will take the date if you do not book it. Time is money and in this business time wasted will cost money. Book your vendor as fast and reasonably as possible. 440-845-2122, J&J Video Productions-Cleveland Ohio, wedding videos-Cuyahoga County Ohio, wedding videos-Parma Ohio, wedding videos-Cleveland Ohio,