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Tips for Hiring a Wedding Videographer

If you're planning a wedding, you may be considering a wedding videographer. A video of your special day allows you to go back after all the excitement and the honeymoon to enjoy the day that flew by so fast. The question is, how do you go about hiring a wedding videographer?

Most videographers have websites that showcase some of their work, but even searching through local wedding videographers online can turn up a lot of results. It can be overwhelming to look through several websites and get all the information you need. Here are some tips to choosing the right wedding videographer.

The first thing you want to see is samples of the videographer's work. When you click on their online videos, keep in mind that if it looks more like a Hollywood production than a true, wedding with real people, it may be completely staged with professional models and special effects. These special effects may look amazing, but the cost is much higher than a typical wedding.

After you have found two or three websites that look promising, you'll have to call and schedule an appointment for more detailed information, including cost, as many wedding videographers do not post their price list online. It may seem time consuming, but it is definitely worth it.

Because just about anyone can buy a video camera and put up a website claiming to be a professional videographer, there are some specific things you'll want to ask during your appointment.

For example, does the videographer work and charge for a set number of hours or is he there for the entire day? Some wedding videographers charge by the day and some may charge by the hour so this is important. They may also charge extra for recording at additional locations.

You'll want to ask your wedding videographer if he is equipped for recording in all kinds of lighting. At a wedding and reception, there are many different levels of light, from sunlight to candlelight. A true professional will be prepared to correctly shoot in any situation, in any kind of lighting.

Another thing to consider is sound. It is important to inquire about the videographer's ability to record sound at appropriate levels. Will there be addtional microphones available or will the microphone on the camera be adequate? You want to be able to hear not only the music, but the all important wedding vows too.

Another thing to consider is, who will actually show up on your wedding day. Is the wedding videographer you meet with going to be the one doing the work, or will it be an employee you haven't met with? If you like the work you saw on the website, you will want the person who shot that video to be the one shooting your video.

Finally, a professional wedding videographer should have a prepared contract to go over with you to specify date, time, locations and any other specifics. What you expect should be the same as what the videographer is contracted to provide.

This article has been was written by myself for my newsletter and since the author is the same person, permission for use is granted.

Joe Sabol is an Internationally known videographer with almost 29yrs experience in the video industry. Please visit us at for more information.

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Wedding Videography Today

Wedding videography has changed a great deal over the years. The first cameras available for the home market were big and cumbersome and there was no such thing as a professional wedding videographer.

Uncle Bob would bring his new home video camera and capture the day on grainy, poorly lit, video tape. Sound and lighting were hit or miss.

Today's high tech video equipment makes it possible for an experienced wedding videographer to produce a bright, clear, hi-def video without the need of special lighting. Sound and special effects have become a snap to produce. There are endless possibilities for a creative, personalized keepsake of your wedding day.

Most professional wedding videographers offer a range of packages to accommodate any budget. Even your most basic package will include a video of the entire wedding, including, shots of the guests, the processional, the ceremony, the recessional and the exit from the church, all done with today's high tech cameras. Today's brides are savvy enough to know there are endless options available to make their wedding video special.

If your budget allows, you can start with a "Save the Date" video. This is a wedding announcement set to music and filmed like a movie trailer, with the bride and groom as the stars.

The wedding video itself can start with the bride and her bridesmaids at home getting ready or even at the salon getting hair and makeup done.

You can shoot scenery at different locations or have interviews with family members and friends. You can include a reflections montage that shows pictures of the bride and groom from childhood to the time they met and became a couple and finally to their wedding day. This is usually set to music and is a fun look back for family and friends.

It is important to sit down with the bride and groom prior to the wedding and find out if they have any special requests, such as shots with certain family members. Are they looking for something more serious and formal, or do they want relaxed and fun? Ask questions that will give you a clue as what they are like as a couple.

Much of the production of a professional wedding video is done by the editing of the raw footage. This is where mistakes and bloopers can be cut out and special effects and creativity can be added. Typically, people walk in front of the camera and you get a close up of some random face or the back of someone's head. Kids or intoxicated party goers often do or say things you don't want to remember forever. Today's editing software allows for endless graphics and special effects to make your wedding video a true keepsake of your special day.

This article has been was written by myself for my newsletter and since the author is the same person, permission for use is granted.

Joe Sabol is an internationally known videographer with almost 29yrs experience in the video industry. Please visit us at for more information.

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