Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wedding Video Pricing

When a bride starts looking for a wedding videographer, there are many things for her to consider. In today’s economy, price is often the deciding factor. Every videographer has his or her own pricing plans so it can be confusing for perspective brides to know what they’re getting for the price they’re paying. Many wedding videographers have very complicated plans with very descriptive names that try to convey how elaborate, therefore how expensive they are. In some cases, videographers charge extra for using more than one camera, although in most cases there is no need for more than 2. An experienced videographer can handle 2 cameras himself so there’s no need to pay for an extra camera operator. Some videographers charge for every individual thing they do, including travel time and the time for setting up and tearing down. It’s very common for wedding videographers to charge per hour. If a bride pays for the package that covers 5 hours, and something exciting or memorable happens after that.... too bad. I have also seen videographers charge extra after midnight. In my opinion, this kind of pricing is taking advantage of a bride who has a million other things to think about and pay for. It’s basically a way to pad the bill and is a rip off to the bride. I feel keeping it simple and easy to understand is the way to go. You will have a happy bride who will be happy to refer you to her friends. The higher the price DOES NOT mean better qualIty. Posted by J&J Video Productions-Cleveland Ohio, 440-845-2122 at 4:08 PM