Monday, March 23, 2015

GUEST BLOGGER- WEST SIDE KENNY N J&J Video Productions-Cleveland Ohio pulls out of THE HOT LIST COMPETITION!

We invite Guests to join our blog with comments. Here is a letter I received From "Kenny". He is in no way affilated with J&J Video Productions. Anything he posts is not necessarily a refelection of J&J Video's Opinion or do we endorse it. Any comments that are made are in compliance with the CDA. Our opinion will be posted after the blog. J&J Video Productions and 3 of it’s other companies have pulled out of the competition 2 weeks before the end of the contest. City Voter Inc. runs the Cleveland Hot List and HOT LISTS and A-Lists in several cities across the United States. At the time of its departure all 3 of the companies J&J Video Productions owns were in the number 1 position. J&J Video’s management will not say why it pulled out of the contests which they would have easily won. There have been rumors of mismanagement, voter problems and manipulations. Many other top flight companies have pulled out of the competition as well. When the owner of J&J Video was asked why he pulled his companies out of the competition his only comment was “The results do not reflect the publics’ voting”. If a company the caliber of J&J Video pulls out of the competition after 4 straight wins, this does not bode well for the City Voter HOT LIST COMPETITION. I sure hope that prospective brides and grooms DO NOT Rely on the 2015 results because they in most cases will not be talking to the Best of the Best rather they will be talking to a Johnny Come Lately who has little or no experience. West Side Kenny. COMMENT BY MANAGEMENT OF J&J VIDEO PRODUCTIONS-CLEVELAND OHIO. This e-mail was received on March 22, 2015 beofre the results were published by City Voter.Com..Comment "NO COMMENT"