Saturday, June 20, 2015


When a bride and groom come to meet with you in the hopes of hiring you to do their wedding video, what kind of impression are you making? What do you think their expectations are when hiring professional videographers? In 33 years in the business doing wedding videography, I have seen "professional" videographers dressed in every way you can imagine. I have seen men and women videographers dressed in jeans and t-shirts and sneakers. I've seen them wearing sloppy shirts hanging out of their pants with beat up shoes or long hippie looking skirts with sandals or sneakers. I remember one wedding video company where both the videographers were wearing black jeans and black t-shirts like that was supposed to look like some kind of uniform. They stood out like sore thumbs. At another wedding I saw a video company come dressed in Bib Overalls smeared with oil is as if they changed the oil in their car or truck. It's understandable that we need to be somewhat comfortable and able to move freely in order to do our job but it's also important to remember the occasion and the venue. The bride and groom and all their attendants and family members go to a lot of trouble to dress up and look their best. If you're presenting yourself as a professional, you should dress like a professional, especially if the wedding is taking place in a church. Sure, some weddings are much more casual and informal but that shouldn't change the way you dress since you're there to work as professionals, not grease monkeys. Make the effort to look good, it will leave a good impression on your clients and that's important when you consider many jobs come from referrals by word of mouth. It also shows that you take pride in your job as a professional wedding videographer. 440-845-2122, J&J Video Productions-Cleveland Ohio, wedding videos-Cleveland Ohio, wedding videos-Cuyahoga County Ohio, wedding videos-Parma Ohio

Thursday, June 4, 2015


As a bride and groom plan their wedding, there are so many things to consider. Everything from the type of service to the colors for the wedding are carefully planned. One of the most important parts of wedding planning is capturing the day to look back on and enjoy together, especially since the Wedding & Reception goes by so fast. Today's brides and grooms often choose to have both a wedding photographer and videographer to capture the day. As two professionals, they are expected to work seamlessly together without being a distraction or disturbing the ceremony. Sometimes this isn't as easy as it should be. As someone with 30 years of experience in both wedding photography and wedding videos, I can tell you that I find photographers are often at a loss when it comes to working with a videographer. Although many wedding photographers claim years of experience, based on what I see, I have to wonder. I've seen photographers bring in reflectors and slave flashes that won't do any good because they're too far away. Some photographers run around the church looking confused like they don't know what to do next. In most churches and other venues, there is plenty of room for both professionals to get good positioning and good angles. A short conversation before the service starts goes a long way to understanding how they each like to work. As the wedding videographer, I like to introduce myself to the photographer and explain my position during the wedding. If the photographer stays beside me we can both get the straight on shot. This should be common sense. Another issue I've run into is the photographer having a problem with video lights. This is mostly an issue at the reception, especially when the house lights are turned down. If the photographer knows what he's doing, he or she will know that his or her flash will override any video light. I have had so many wedding photographers ask me some real silly questions about flash and lighting. A photographer with his or her camera set up correctly will have no problems, but so often they don't have a clue. It shouldn't be necessary for the videographer to explain how it works, and there doesn't need to be any problems with two wedding professionals working together. Having worked with some world class professionals, I can tell you that the difference is obvious. I don't even know those photographers are there. We can work together beautifully and it shows. 440-845-2122, J&J Video Productions-Cleveland Ohio, wedding videos-Cleveland Ohio, wedding videos-Cuyahoga County Ohio, wedding videos-Parma Ohio