Saturday, August 13, 2016


Hello Friends, Today I am going to talk about Wedding Toasts. I do not know how many weddings you have been to but I have been to a million of them, well not exactly a million but enough to see trends. One of the trends I see is that whoever offers the toast to the bride and groom REALLY NEEDS TO SHORTEN the toast. This is typical of the type of toasts I have heard with some, well a lot of exaggeration to make my point. Here we go... Hi, for those who do not know me my name is Josh. I have been friends with the groom all our lives. We met in the hospital nursery. He was in the bassinet next to me. We were born about an hour apart. We hit it off instantly. He needed to be fed so I joined in screaming and crying like he did so I could get fed to. The nursing staff never caught on. Our Moms became friends as well and we lived just down the street from each other so it was inevitable we remained friends all these years. An hour later, while most of the guests are sleeping the phrase comes out and make some babies as well. Everyone starts laughing and wakes up. Lets keep the toasts to about 5 minutes, fill it with a few embarrassing facts and welcome the bride to the family. Ladies do the same. Most people wont remember the long version anyway. 440-845-2122, J&J Video Productions-Cleveland Ohio, wedding videos-Cleveland Ohio, wedding videos-Cuyahoga County Ohio, wedding videos-Parma Ohio