Thursday, September 7, 2017


I shoot both wedding photography and video and have been doing so for over 30 years. This gives me a unique perspective on the challenges some wedding "professionals" seem to have getting their shot or their angle of the ceremony. To me this is common sense and I have never had a problem, but it seems like many photographers can't handle a videographer sharing their space. Nothing pisses me off like a photographer who comes to me as I'm setting up and telling me I can't have my camera there. Well, guess what? I can and I will. They seem to think I should shoot the wedding from off to side somewhere. That is a useless angle and I know the bride and groom aren't paying me for a side view of the ceremony. Depending on the logistics of the church or venue, I can always manage to shoot the bride and groom straight on starting with the processional. Once the bride is at the front with the groom, I turn around or switch cameras so no part of the vows, exchange of rings, unity candle, roses to the mothers or anything that happens is missed. Many photographers get all flustered when they realize I'm front and center. I suggest that maybe they should have showed up for the rehearsal. I rarely miss a assures me that I will be prepared for whatever issues might come up with logistics. Once the photographer or photographers realize I'm not moving, I point out to them that if they stay right beside me, no matter where I am, they will get the same shot I'm getting. Seems simple doesn't it? They can run all around the church if they want to but I will always be right where I started so I can't possibly get in their way. Sometimes I get wedding coordinators trying to tell me how to do my job....but that's a post for another day! 440-845-2122, J&J Video Productions-Cleveland Ohio, wedding videos-Cleveland Ohio, wedding videos-Cuyahoga County Ohio, wedding videos-Parma Ohio